Genius tip to smuggle water through airport security – and it’s legal

Airports: Key hacks to help save time when travelling

TikTok user Paul Saladino has shared his favourite travel hacks to avoid spending lots on water and food at the airport.

The content creator revealed that one of his favourite ways to stay hydrated while travelling was to bring coconuts with him.

He began: “Here are three of my favourite travelling airport hacks.

“First hack: you can’t bring water through security, but you can bring coconuts.

“I’ve got coconut water through security no problem,” he said showing a huge bag filled with coconuts to the camera.

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With these 3 hacks, you’ll see how easy it really is to eat animal-based anywhere… ������ ������

♬ original sound – Paul Saladino

Paul went on to share a tip on how to bring food on the plane without getting charged for overnight or oversized hand luggage.

He continued: “Hack number two: you can bring two carry-on bags and a bag of all food onto the plane.

“The food bag doesn’t count as a carry-on, so you can bring three bags. If one of them is all of your food that you brought, that’s animal-based.”

Lastly, he added: “Hack number three: prepare food beforehand.

“Bring your food on the plane. I got grass-fed beef, I got a coconut, organs… And I got some honey and yogurt.

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“Bonus hack hardened soil desiccated organs. The easiest way to travel with organs, hands down.”

However, many were left confused with the first hack, with some voicing the same concern.

giuseppe joe parisi enquired: “How do you open the coconut on a plane?”

Stevie..Gladwin added: “How the hell do you open the coconuts when traveling?”

Ardie asked: “Anybody know a good airport-friendly coconut opening option?” to which the video poster replied: “Ya a metal straw!”

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