‘Stupid’ tourist caught climbing into Rome’s Trevi Fountain to fill up bottle
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    A tourist has been slammed as "stupid" and "disrespectful" after she climbed into the waters of Rome's iconic Trevi Fountain in a bid to fill up her water bottle.

    A fellow visitor filmed the moment she climbed over the fountain's edge and balanced on a side of the waters, filling up her water bottle. A few seconds later, a security guard can be seen walking over, and then having a conversation with the woman, who some say appears confused at being told off, before they lead her away.

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    The short clip was shared on TikTok account @perrinebridge where it has already received over 1.3million views – and people are outraged.

    One person said" "I refuse to think people can be THIS stupid. And what was she thinking? Drinking that water?!?!?!?!?!"

    Another added: "What is wrong with people??? Seriously how could someone imagine this would be ok???"

    Others were glad to see security get involved, and believe that the woman was surprised her actions had consequences. One person quipped that they would "pay $50 to know what she said to the police".

    "Love the reaction on her face like she didn't do anything wrong – same person who cuts you off almost causing a crash and she think it's your fault," added another.

    Tourists who climb into the Trevi Fountain could face penalties of up to €500, although it's not clear if the woman will be fined or if she was simply escorted off the site.

    In the meantime, many visitors also pointed out that the water in the fountain isn't supposed to be for drinking, and are recycled as well as being full of coins.

    "I doubt that water is safe to drink. It's not a spring," wrote one concerned commenter. Another added: "Is the water even drinkable?"

    People who have already visited the fountain were particularly annoyed, flagging that there is a fountain with drinking water right by the Trevi Fountain, no doubt to stop tourists trying to get into the waters.

    It's not the first time this year that a visitor has caused outrage in Rome. One man was slammed as an "a**hole" after he was caught appearing to carve names into the ancient walls of the Colosseum. He was later found by authorities and apologised for his actions.

    Back in 2014 a tourist was fined 20,000 euros (approx £17,000) after allegedly scratching their initials into the wall of the Colosseum.

    A year later in a separate incident, two women were arrested in Rome after allegedly scratching their initials into the wall of the Colosseum and taking a selfie. Police charged them with "aggravated damage on a building of historical and artistic interest".

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