Spanish nudists campaign against clothes tourists

Spain has no laws against nudism and naturists are allowed to strip off any of the country’s beaches. However, traditionally many naturists have chosen to go to quieter beaches.

This practice is now under threat, reports The Guardian, as clothed tourists have started arriving at some of the nudists’ havens.

Seigmon Rovira, who leads Catalonia’s Naturist-Nudist Federation, told The Guardian: “Before, people would arrive at a nude beach and either leave or strip down.

“Now they stay and keep their swimsuit on. But what they don’t realise is that if there are a lot of them, they end up making us uncomfortable. It’s a lack of respect.”

The naturists have now launched a campaign to try to protect the traditional beaches used by nudists.

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The association sent a letter to the regional government asking for a meeting to discuss the “discrimination” nudists face. They have yet to receive a response.

The campaign would like there to be signs indicating nudist beaches or a campaign to increase understanding for naturism.

Social media is thought to be responsible for the influx of clothed tourists, as influencers encourage travellers to get off the beaten path. Tourists looking for a less crowded patch of sand often head to the most remote beaches, those most often used by naturists.

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Rovira said some of the clothed people had made some naturists feel so “uncomfortable” they no longer want to go to the beaches. He said women faced more discrimination.

Spain is actually home to one of the world’s best known nudist beaches. Vera, on the Almeria coast, even has a nudist bar and hotel.

The UK also has several beaches that cater to nudists and Brighton Naturist Beach became the first official one in 1980.

UK naturist beaches (KAYAK)

  1. Brighton Naturist Beach, East Sussex
  2. Studland Naturist Beach, Dorset
  3. Rye Harbour Nature Reserve, East Sussex
  4. Druridge Bay, Northumberland
  5. Crakaig Beach, Scotland
  6. Pedn Vounder and Treen, Cornwall
  7. Rhossili Bay, Wales
  8. Holkham Bay, Norfolk
  9. Winterton Dunes Nature Reserve, Norfolk
  10. Walney Island, Cumbria
  11. Botany Bay, Kent

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