Spain warning issued for Brits taking sex toys as they could face £600 fines

There are lots of things that can get you in trouble while driving. Speeding, running red light or not wearing a seatbelt are bound to get you in trouble in any county.

However, not every nation has the same rules when it comes to driving a car. If you’re planning on renting a car this summer you may want to take note. Holiday car rental experts at discovered an incredibly bizarre rule in Spain.

It seems that if you drive around with a particular sex toy in Spain you could end up with a major fine. The massive penalty could add £600 onto the cost of your holiday…

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Following recent rule changes, tourists could now be charged for displaying inflatable sex toys whilst on popular hen and stag dos in Spain, driving or walking around with one on display could lead to fines of over £600.

Hot destination Malaga banned inflatable sex dolls and blow-up penis costumes last year. So, if you're discovered with one in your car you could end up in big trouble.

The law also states that it is forbidden to walk or remain in the streets only in underwear, or with clothes or accessories that represent genitals or with dolls or elements of "a sexual nature". This also apparently applies to driving.

But, travelling with a sex doll isn't the only rule Brits should pay attention to in Spain. One motoring expert has issued a warning for Brits planning to drive in Spain, as there's a common mistakes UK travellers often make when they get behind the wheel in Spain.

Andrew Jervis, CEO of online mechanic marketplace ClickMechanic, said: "It’s fairly common to see motorists in the UK remove their shirts to cool down during hot weather.

"But we need to remember that laws in other countries are not always the same and I’d urge people to be aware of what’s legal and illegal when they get behind the wheel somewhere new.

"In Spain, traffic police consider driving shirtless to be a threat to your safety and your ability to move, which means it is against the law to strip off your top half. When travelling abroad it’s essential to respect the local rules and regulations, even if they seem very different to what we’re used to at home."

In Spain, slipping off your top layer can land you a fine of up to €200 (£171) and three penalty points! So keep your top on!

While the actual act of being shirtless while driving isn't illegally specifically, Spanish law prohibits anything that prevents safe driving. Wearing inappropriate clothes or footwear is covered under this rule.

Plus, that's not the only new rule in Spain. In parts of mainland Spain and Majorca, you are now prohibited from going shirtless in public in certain areas such as on city streets. Most of the shops, many bars and restaurants, the bus service and public services all require you to wear a t-shirt.

The prohibition also includes wearing just a bikini top or swim shorts. As a general rule it's advised that swimwear-only outfits are only suitable for the beach or around the pool.

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