Small town is ‘hottest place in the UK’ with its own microclimate and beach

Brits planning staycations will know it's always a gamble when it comes to the weather, but there's one town where you could be putting the odds in your favour for warmer days.

That's because a small town in Wales has recorded the hottest day in the UK over the weekend, and not for the first time.

The Welsh town of Porthmadog took the accolade with temperatures of up to 25C on Sunday, having already seen sunshine for over three weeks thanks to its microclimate, WalesOnline reports.

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The town previously set the record for having the UK's highest temperature for 2023 last Tuesday with 25.1°C.

Despite being a coastal town, where temperatures are typically lower, Porthmadog's location helps it keep consistently high temperatures and its own microclimate.

Met Office meteorologist Mark Wilson explained: "When the wind comes from the north east Porthmadog gets a lot of shelter. Although it's by the coast it's not really getting a lot of breeze off the sea meaning the temperatures keep rising and rising.

"Thanks to its geographical location Porthmadog has shelter from high ground, hills and mountains, around it mean it's protected from the north easterly wind."

The town ticks all of the right boxes for a fun day out thanks to the pubs, pretty harbour and scenic walking trails to be found in the area, not to mention it's an easy drive away from attractions such as Portmeirion, a village that 'looks like Italy' with gorgeous gardens and lakes.

According to the Beach Guide, Porthmadog is also close to a number of sandy beaches if you want to take a coastal walk. This includes Harlech Beach with four miles of sandy shores, dunes and views of Snowdonia.

(Snowdonia may be famed for its gorgeous scenery, but tourists have previously been mistakenly told it has 'evil, milk trees and sex areas').

For those looking for more staycation inspiration, then Camber Sands beach in East Sussex is worth having on your radar. A recent study determined that this gorgeous beach gets warmest the quickest in the UK, closely followed by Dungeness Beach in Kent.

During spring, the two beaches saw temperatures reaching up to 18C and 19C, which may not have been hot enough to lay out on the beach all day, but offered a good indication that they could be ideal locations during the summer holidays.

Where's your favourite place for a staycation? Let us know in the comments below.


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