Shoppers get a fright as shark lunges out of pavement in realistic 3D art

Shoppers at a Bristol shopping centre are having to watch their step and do a double-take after an artist painted realistic 3D images that created optical illusions on the shopping floor.

Those who are afraid of sharks or dinosaurs may be getting the fright of their lives if they visit the South West as realistic 3D art created by artist Julian Beever shows the scary beasts pop out of the floors of the city's Cabot Circus shopping centre.

This kind of art was originally created by an ex-NASA engineer called Kurt Wenner in the 1980s, who combined his mathematics knowledge with fine art to create mind-boggling optical illusions.

If you are brave enough to face the fantastic 3D-looking beasts then 2Chill has put together a guide as to where to find them.

Great white shark

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Beware of the beast! This great white shark is hurtling itself out of the water and through the brick floor towards Harvey Nichols.


Make sure you don’t get wet. Ride the waves outside Accessorize on this Hawaiian surfboard.

Crocodile bridge

Watch your step! One tumble and you’ll end up in crocodile-infested waters outside the LEGO store.


Roarrrr! Cabot Circus' first floor is about to give way as this destructive T-Rex marks his territory at Five Guys.

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