September holiday destinations for late sun – they should be hotter than 20C

September is the ideal time to get abroad if you’re hoping to get some sunshine, but want to avoid peak season.

Since youngsters have headed back to school after their six-week summer break, not only will it be less crowded but you’re more likely to get a booking without breaking the bank.

While you’re less likely to enjoy scorching temperatures, there are still plenty of destinations where you can go while leaving your jackets at home.

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From Sao Paulo, Brazil to Paris, France, there are 10 places which average temperatures above 20C in September, according to the Met Office.

  1. Sao Paulo – average temperature in September is 35 °C
  2. Cairo – average temperature in September is 33.3 °C
  3. Bangkok – average temperature in September is 33.3 °C
  4. Orlando – Orlando's average temperature in September is 33 °C
  5. Bodrum – average temperature in September is 30.7 °C
  6. Athens – average temperature in September is 28.9 °C
  7. Fuerteventura – average temperature in September is 27.5 °C
  8. Nice – average temperature in September is 24.6 °C
  9. Brisbane – average temperature in September is 24.2 °C
  10. Paris – average temperature in September is 20.8 °C

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