Scottish village described as ‘prettiest’ and most ‘spellbinding’ in the UK

The end of summer is drawing near and most people are done with sightseeing for the year, but you should consider booking a trip to this charming Scottish village as it is considered one of the “prettiest” places in the whole of Britain. 

Culross (pronounced ‘coo-ris’) is a quiet historic village located in Fife, Scotland and is less than an hour’s drive away from Edinburgh. It is not only considered one of the most beautiful places in the UK, but is also one of the best-preserved due to its unique and colourful 17th-century homes. 

This quaint village is surrounded by rich history, folklore and legends, but in recent years it has exploded in popularity due to the television series Outlander but was also the location for the Marvel movie Captain America: The First Avenger. 

Cat Thomson, a popular British travelling content creator, has gone viral on social media for one of her videos on Culross and she explained why it was considered one “prettiest” places she has ever seen. 

She said: “Take a step back in time to 17th-century Scotland when you visit this picturesque village of Culross on the banks of the Firth of Fourth The village is known for its role in the hit series Outlander so fans definitely need to visit.”

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In Cat’s comment section, people were amazed by how beautiful the village was, as one person said it looked “absolutely beautiful” while another user said it was “the most spellbinding place I’ve ever visited.”

However, Culross is also surrounded by a rich history as the National Trust of Scotland has described Culross as Scotland’s “most complete example” of a 17th-century settlement due to its “white-harled houses with red-tiled roofs” and “steep cobbled streets.” 

The Trust cares for 27 of the homes in the village due to their historic significance and beauty. However, the heart of the location is the Culross Palace, a bright yellow home. No Queen or King has ever lived in Curloss but it was given its name due to its former owner Sir George Bruce, a local mine owner who was also a descendant of Robert the Bruce. 

Inside the ‘palace’ grounds is a historically accurate period garden that features many beautiful blooms as well as herbs, fruit and vegetables, and you will often see hens running about the areas as well, in order to give visitors an accurate picture of what 17th-century life in Scotland would have looked like. 

However, Culross also has a dark side to its history as it is also famous for its witch executions. Nowadays visitors can take a walk through the Fife Witches Trial, which is a series of plaques located in the village, as well as the surrounding areas, to commemorate the women executed as witches in the 16th to 18th centuries.

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While you can explore Culross’ winding streets and cobblestoned alleys, the area is also known for its tea rooms and cute cafes for anybody feeling peckish and needing to rest while walking around the coastal village. 

One of the most significant places to visit in the village is Culross Abbey, founded in 1217 and known for being an amazing example of medieval architecture. There is also a Study, a white-harled house known for being one of the most photographed homes in Scotland due to its beauty, and Culross Pottery and Gallery which is a fantastic place to discover artists and pick up a unique souvenir. 

You can also visit the many film tours in the area due to the connection to Outlander, but there are also museum exhibitions at the town hall which will showcase the local history and landmarks in the area as well as any events happening. 

If you visit at the weekend, there is also the cosy Sunday Market in which you can sample some of the best homemade goofs, such as cheese, cakes, chutneys and even craft beer. 

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