Plane passengers horrified as woman rubs adult ‘son’s’ foot during flight

Revolting video has emerged of a woman giving a foot massage to a plane passenger sitting behind her mid-flight.

The clip horrified social media viewers after it was shared by a popular Instagram account, Passenger Shaming, yesterday.

The elderly woman, who is seen wearing a blue face mask, repeatedly rubs the barefoot of a passenger who sits behind her, who has his leg propped up on her arm rest.

She touches the man's toes and the top of the foot with her bare hands.

Photographer Dante, who filmed the disgusting habit, told Daily Star Online that the incident happened yesterday during his three-hour flight from the city of Cancun to Guadalajara in Mexico.

He also revealed that it was on the budget airline of VivaAerobus.

Dante said: "I don't know much about these people. It was on my plane coming back from Cancun."

He said the woman is known to the man sitting behind her and suggested that he could be her son.

Dante tagged Passenger Shaming in his video, which has now garnered more than 3,200 comments.

The clip has set off a torrent of disgusted responses from viewers.

"I am not OK after watching this," one wrote. "Disgusting … Humanity is doomed."

Another one added: "I literally screamed as I saw this."

Others commented "get out of here" with vomit emojis.

Diane Gottsman, author of "Modern Etiquette for a Better Life" said foot odor is one of the key reasons why feet should remain covered on flights.

She told Boston Globe : "Every passenger should take pride in their personal hygiene and be keenly aware of what others are going to think before deciding to remove their shoes in any enclosed space.

"If the flight is multiple hours, a clean pair of house shoes is a better option than bare feet."

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