Plane emergency safety card accused of being ‘sexist’

Wizz Air has been accused of using a sexist safety card onboard its aircraft.

The budget airline’s particular version of the card shows a woman putting on a life jacket, opening the emergency exit and floating in the water, all while wearing a short, tight-fitting dress.

The depiction hasn’t escaped the notice of social media users, with Laura Watkin sharing a picture on Twitter alongside the comment: “Really Wizz Air?! Surely the bare legs would result in serious chafing on the emergency slide? #jobsforwomen #everydaysexism #bodycon #stereotype.”

We’ll tell you what’s true. You can form your own view.

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She added: “In my opinion it’s a sexist stereotype to have deliberately chosen to illustrate the female passenger in the way they did. I feel it reinforces an unhelpful stereotype of the female figure making particular emphasis of her breasts and bottom.”

She’s not the first to notice the woman on the safety card’s curvy appearance and inadequate attire.

“Wizz Air do you think that the woman on your safety card is a little over sexualised?” Pablo Escobarry tweeted earlier this year.

“Whoever designed the Wizz Air safety procedures card should probably have had a cold shower first…” added Tim Notron.

Not everyone agreed with the accusation however, with Twitter user “Kiddyhawk” countering: “There is no reason to shout sexism as soon as you see a woman that looks decent on a safety card. Just look at the flight attendants on your flight. How else would people identify the flight attendants if they do not draw them the way they look and have looked for decades.”

Wizz Air declined to comment.

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