People slam ‘terrible’ woman for ditching boyfriend on trip that he planned

A woman has been slammed online after she admitted she'd sorted her own accommodation on holiday – but asked her boyfriend to fend for himself.

Taking to Reddit, the American woman explained that her boyfriend had surprised her with tickets to a concert in a different US state, after she couldn't afford them herself. They then booked flights, although she says they "paid separately".

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However, an argument has kicked off after the woman's brother offered her a place to stay for free during the break – but this isn't extended to her boyfriend, because her family don't approve of their relationship "due to cultural differences".

The woman accepted her brother's offer as it meant free accommodation, and told her boyfriend he would need to sort his own accommodation separately, and that she would likely spend more time with her brother for the minibreak, "because once we're back home, [my boyfriend] and I will live together again anyway".

Only, she was surprised when he threatened to cancel the trip as a result.

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She explained on Reddit: "When I brought this up, my bf was mad and adamant about us going in this trip together, since that was the reason he gifted me the tickets in the first place. I told him I didn't have the money to chip in for the hotel, but he also found it ridiculous that he had to pay for hotel all by himself after splurging on 2 concert tickets. I made a point that I DID NOT ask for the gifts, I already told him I didn't have the money to go to that concert.

"Admittedly that wasn't tactful of me so I understood he went red. He said if that's the case he'd just cancel the trip and not going, I could go alone and he could just sell the ticket to my brother or some random person.

"I don't want to watch the concert with someone else, but cancelling the whole trip would cost us the flight tickets because it's non-refundable. I tried to reason to him that our flights are more expensive than the concert tickets since he got us the cheapest class."

Turning to Reddit to find out if she was in the wrong, unfortunately for the poster, the majority of people have sided with her boyfriend, slamming her as "selfish" and a "terrible partner".

Many pointed out that the solution of leaving her boyfriend alone for three days while she spent time with her family was unacceptable, adding that if they were in the boyfriend's shoes, they would be ending the relationship.

"YTA. You are essentially going to ditch your boyfriend to save money on a hostel," wrote one person.

Another added: "YTA. This trip was planned as a couples trip and now you want to make it not a couples trip. Has your boyfriend known this, he likely would not have bought the tickets for both of you, much less booked the flight. And big AH behaviour for saying you didn’t ask for the tickets – you still accepted them didn’t you?"

They said that it was "gaslighting" for the woman to "now be blaming him for canceling the trip together and talking about cost-benefits, when you are the one who threw the wrench in the plan".

They added: "Basically, you want to be able to spend the trip with your brother mostly, regardless of how your BF spends his time (which it sounds like it will be unhappily spent), only see him for the concert and fights, and expect for him to be thoroughly happy about it, including after getting back home. And you don’t accept his decision to cancel his attendance because YOU don’t want to go to the concert with other people. You’re being extremely selfish and very unfair to him. Just this behaviour is an example of being a terrible partner, because not only are you only thinking about what you want but you’re turning it around on him and blaming him for not going along with it. It’s quite shameful behaviour, honestly."

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