Passenger puts camera on luggage to find out what really happens next

Ever wondered what happens to your luggage after you check it in at the airport? One curious influencer decided to find out by placing a hidden camera inside his luggage. But things didn’t quite go according to plan.

The passenger, content creator Kaz Sawyer, came up with the clever idea of recording the full journey of his suitcase, from the check-in desk to the luggage belt in arrivals.

He put a hidden camera in his case at Denver International Airport and eagerly awaited the results.

But Sawyer was sorely disappointed to discover that security had spotted the camera and turned it off almost instantly after the bag’s arrival.

Despite the setback, the influencer’s camera was not confiscated by agents, allowing Sawyer to share the short footage of his bag’s journey.

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Sawyer’s little experiment didn’t go down well with everyone. Many criticised his choice of camera, pointing out that its white colour stood out against the black suitcase, making it far from “hidden.”

Others said he should have made the camera blend in with the luggage.

Another user also noted that the recording would probably have been prohibited for security reasons, as airports are a prime target for attacks. One viewer commented: “Airports are Federal property, be careful and know the law.”

Another viewer said: “They turn it off for probably the same reason most people can’t record inside service areas of national monuments.

“It’s because airports fall under the category of locations more likely to be a terrorist attack target, so videos that showcase infrastructure and stuff are usually prohibited without approval.”

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While some travellers have successfully recorded their bags’ journeys, opinions are divided on whether it is worth the effort.

The reality is that a bag’s journey can be quite mundane, involving conveyor belts, sorting offices, x-ray screening, and transfer agents ensuring the bag reaches the correct plane.

Eventually, the bag is taken to the baggage claim area for passengers to retrieve.

Yet, the influencer’s viral video has now been viewed a whopping 14m times and liked by over 500,000 people.

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