Oscar Mayer Is Looking for New Wienermobile Drivers

Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

After graduating college there is nothing more stressful than attempting to enter the job market. Pile on a global pandemic, and job hunting can become downright impossible. But hang on, because there are companies out there looking for you. And that includes Oscar Mayer, who is currently on the lookout for people who love both travel and hot dogs in equal measure. 

"Many of us were stuck last year without places to go, people to see and adventures to experience," the company explained in a statement. "Once again, beloved meats brand Oscar Mayer is opening submissions for recent college graduates to make up for the missed adventures of 2020 by joining the 34th class of Oscar Mayer Hotdoggers."

According to the company, the position provides recent grads with a one-year, full-time, paid gig. With the job, the new hires will "safely crisscross the Hot Dog Highways of America and bring miles of smiles" to people as they either ride or drive in the company's 27-foot-long hot dog on wheels, lovingly known as the Wienermobile. 

"As if driving a 27-foot long hot dog on wheels isn't the best thing since sliced ham, I've loved having the chance to make a positive impact in the communities we've visited," Molly Swindall, a current hotdogger for Oscar Mayer, shared with Travel + Leisure. "From delivering meals to those in need, helping a little boy get a service dog, or making somebody's birthday extra-special, no two days of this job are ever the same."

As an official Oscar Mayer brand ambassador, the new hire will be responsible for representing the brand at media appearances, charity functions, and special celebrations. This could include curbside visits that bring "unexpected excitement right to people's homes (or front yards)."

The job will take place between June 2021 through June 2022. It will also include a two-week training to learn the ins and outs of "life as a Hotdogger." 

The company additionally noted it's specifically looking for recent college graduates with a bachelor's degree, preferably in public relations, journalism, communications, or marketing. The company also says strong communication skills and "love of hot dog puns are musts!" 

"This was my dream job and frankly the only one I applied to. I put all my dogs in one bun and knew I had to set the table and make myself stand out," Swindall says. "So, I literally packed a picnic basket for my application, wrote a cheesy cover letter wrapped in recycled Kraft singles packaging and printed my face onto a package of hot dogs just so they could picture me as an Oscar Mayer Wiener." 

Those interested can apply by sending their resume and cover letter via email or by snail mail by Jan. 31. See more details and find out more about the entire application process here.

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