‘Never anything more than 20 mins away’ Expat life in one of world’s smallest countries

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Nestled between Spain and France, the majority of Andorra’s residents speak Catalan although French and Spanish are also common. Andorra has just 80,000 residents.

Many expats move to Andorra due to the country’s favourable tax rates. Corporate tax is at ten percent and personal tax is also very low.

Guy said that expats looking for a safe destination with plenty of nature to explore will love Andorra.

Guy told Express.co.uk: “What people are looking for when they come to Andorra is a connection with nature.

“There’s so much nature on your doorstep. You can be in the mountains pretty much immediately.

“In summer you can go walking and then in the winter there’s skiing and snowshoeing and all kinds of winter activities.”

In a recent study by Puma, Andorra la Vella was found to be one of the healthiest places in Europe, in part due to its many green spaces.

Guy added: “As Andorra’s so small you also have all the basic amenities on your doorstep.

“You have the hospital really close and there’s never anything more than 20 minutes away.

“People also move to Andorra because it’s so safe. You can pretty much leave the kids roaming on the street.

“They can go off in the forest and build a treehouse or go around on a bike to see their friends.

“Even in downtown, as we call Andorra la Vella, there’s really not that much to worry about when it comes to security.”

While there are many positives to life in Andorra, Guy told Express.co.uk that British expats might struggle with one aspect.

He said: “The culture is very much influenced by Spain and the way that things are done in Spain.

“Even though it’s a very small country, it’s an incredibly bureaucratic country and there’s always lots of paperwork to fill out for different things.

“Some people do find that really hard because things can take forever. If you’re used to a quick attitude, you might struggle.”

Guy added: “There are some people in Andorra who are very wealthy or very famous but at the end of the day the core essence of Andorra is that everybody’s the same.

“If people do see a celebrity they just let that person get on with their life, they won’t bother asking them for an autograph or anything.”

Although Andorra has lots to offer expats, residents are never far from a larger city if they need to feel more of a buzz.

The French city of Toulouse and Spanish city of Barcelona are only a short drive from Andorra.

Guy said: “Barcelona always has lots of art and culture events and the Catalans have a really interesting culture.

“The south of France is really beautiful and the drive from Andorra to Toulouse has some really amazing scenery.”

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