‘My ex left me a week before our European holiday – so my dad came instead’

Something going wrong right before a holiday is incredibly upsetting. It’s even worse when your travel partner drops out of the trip.

The only thing that could make it worse is if you were set to go with your partner – and they break up with you when there’s no time to cancel. That’s what happened to Emma Di Palma ahead of her trip to Portugal.

The young woman shared a video on TikTok that quickly went viral after she was left in the lurch just before they were set to depart. It racked up over 61,000 views – mostly because of who replaced her ex.

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Emma’s dad filled in the spot and people were left teary-eyed at the situation. In a caption, Emma said: “Point of view: your ex breaks up with you a week before your euro trip so your dad comes with you instead.”

Honestly, it seems a good trade in to us – a dad and daughter trip is just the thing to blast away the blues!

In the video, Emma showed herself and her dad posing for photos, sipping on Aperol Spritz together, and cheers-ing their drinks. The sun beamed down on them both as they enjoyed their unexpected holiday together.

Emma added: "Love you dad" to the caption. In the comments people were impressed by the sweet solution.

One woman said: "Trust me when I say these memories will mean so much more to you forever." While, Emma replied: "I so will, I’m already learning so much about him."

Michele G commented: "Your dad is probably thrilled to have this quality time with you and to make you happy."

A woman named Ems asked: "Why am I sobbing?" Whereas another person said: "Nobody will ever love you like your daddy! What a beautiful trip that you’ll both remember forever!"

Others said that Emma’s ex-partner did her a "favour" or "would have ruined it anyway". Dozens noted that they were "sobbing" or "crying" at the cute video.

Emma and her father headed to sunny Portugal where there are multiple cities and beach towns that are great fun for anyone who travels there. Lagos is a rising star as a party town with £2 pints.

Lagos, in Portugal – not to be confused with Lagos in Nigeria – is set in the Algarve region. Which means the town is surrounded by incredibly beautiful beaches with clear water, towering cliffs and sweeping headland views.

Alternatively, you can head to the capital Lisbon for incredible food – from seafood to custard buns – and street markets full of fun souvenirs. Plus, plenty of gorgeous historical buildings and museums.

Over in Porto, you can take a river cruise to see the six bridges – one built by the architect of the Eiffel Tower – sip on port and even eat a sandwich with an entire day's calories in it. It's perfect for soaking up the sun with a loved one. It even has the world's most beautiful McDonald's.

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