Mum paid for nanny to fly first class – but ‘outraged’ son sat alone in economy

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A woman has caused controversy after revealing that she paid for her nanny to flu with her in first class, but left her son in economy.

The mum said on Reddit that her 18-year-old son, Matt, was becoming “selfish and elitist”.

When the family decided to go on holiday, she decided to pay for their nanny May, who looks after their three children, to fly first class.

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She also offered to pay for the nanny’s son to come in first class for the employee’s birthday.

However, the mum's son, named Matt, began to question why they were paying for the nanny and her child – and said they should be in economy instead.

She wrote: "Matt, on a random day, overheard me talking to my husband that I was planning to pay for a first class seat for May and her son for her to enjoy like we did."

She then said that he asked why the family was paying because they were "already paying for everything", adding that he thought they should "let her go economy class if she can't afford first class".

The mum says she was "shocked" at his response, especially as she considered the nanny to be an important member of their family.

As Matt refused to budge on his outlook, his mum decided to teach him a lesson.

She explained: "He still stood his ground, so I said if he sees it that way, I said I'd buy him an economy seat and he'd have to turn around to pay for an upgrade for him to see how privileged he is to have parents who can pay."

She also noted that they had moved her son to a private school at 11 years old, and wondered if "the contact with other teenagers brought out a selfish and elitist side of him".

Describing him as a 'complicated personality' she admitted having tried to "improve" his behaviour, but that "it just seemed to get worse" during his teenage years.

This included having Matt get a part-time job 16 to learn the value of money – which is why they suggested he could therefore save and pay for the upgrade himself if he wanted it.

Her son apparently thought she was joking until they arrived at the airport and he had a “tantrum” when he saw she had indeed seated him in economy.

She said: "The flight was ok, but Matt was outraged the entire trip, saying it was almost torture and that we had gone too far. My husband agrees with me, but my parents said I went too far doing this."

In the comments people wholeheartedly supported the mum’s decision.

One person said: “I'm sorry you have such an entitled son. Ask him why 'almost torture' would be fine for the nanny but not for him".

While another added: “Good for you for standing your ground. “Maybe he'll learn SOMETHING from this and be less of an entitled twit."

But, some weren’t OK with the situation.

One person suggested: "It was unfair to let him fly economy while the rest of you flew first class over a simple question."

Do you think she was right to make him sit in economy? Let us know in the comments.


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