Mum-of-two says she often takes one child on holiday and leaves other at home

A mother-of-two has explained why she often goes on holiday with one of her children, but leaves the other at home.

It's nothing to do with favouritism, or even budget. Instead, mum Julie Cook reckons it gives her spend a chance to spend some quality alone time with her children.

Speaking to the Metro, Julie noted that she often flies to Europe with her son, Alex, 14, or her daughter, Adriana, nine.

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She began the tradition in 2018 when she took her son to Venice for four days.

Julie said: "I was able to listen to him talking without being interrupted. By the end of our four days I felt like I knew him – properly – all over again."

She then took her daughter to Paris in 2021 for some bonding time.

Julie added: "I am a real advocate of taking a one-on-one holiday with a child, not least because it’s cheaper.

“I learnt who she was getting on with at school, the subjects she likes and doesn’t like and who her current favourite singer is – all things that, if I’m honest, we just don’t always have time to sit and talk about. “

That's not to say the family don't go on family breaks together – they have a yearly trip as a family of four including Julie's husband, but the smaller trips offer extra time for bonding, not to mention it makes for a different dynamic.

But, the mum did note that she gets criticism from other parents too. Many parents have told her they believe it’s mean to leave one child out – and some say it’s not fair.

Of course any parent will know that planning a family holiday can be quite the minefield.

One woman recently split opinion after revealing that she didn't want to take her step-children on holiday.

She claimed that her parents had planned the holiday, which was due to take place over Christmas.

The woman’s brothers could pay for themselves, but she could not afford the trip for her family – so her mum and dad offered to pay for her, her husband and her two children.

Unfortunately, this did not include her five step children…

Some parents thought she was being an “a**hole” for cutting the kids out of the trip, but others understood her reasoning.

Would you ever go on holiday with only one of your children? Tell us in the comments section…


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