Mum-of-seven says packing hacks can help make family holidays stress-free

Travelling with children can be stressful and tricky to get right. But, a mum-of-seven who has mastered the art has offered her tips to worried parents in The Irish Times.

Generally, the most frustrating part of holidays with little ones is when they have a tantrum. Whether it’s on the plane and fellow passengers glare at you, in the car where you can’t calm them down or when you’re trying to relax at the hotel nobody wants their kids to be upset.

But, mum Jen Hogan says much of this can be avoided by packing correctly, reports the Irish Times. She suggested not only packing light but also getting your children a backpack full of fun activities for the journey.

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She explained: "Include lots of things to distract them en route to your destination. Snacks, colouring books and crayons, books and mini travel games are all great. Or download movies or favourite programmes ahead of travelling to family devices.

"But don’t forget the earphones or headphones – your fellow passengers won’t thank you if you leave them behind."

Jen also suggested bringing travel pillows for early mornings and late nights so your children can get some sleep, and says that lollipops and sweets are a must to stop their ears from popping. (In fact, one nurse previously revealed a strange but clever trick for helping with the pressure).

She added"Write lists and pack light. A list means you can keep tabs on what’s packed and what’s still to be added to the cases. Pack early if you can. Mix and match clothes and shoes, and be realistic about how many outfits you’ll really need."

Jen isn't the only parent to have offered advice to mums and dads wanting to travel this summer. Mum and parenting guru Casey Major-Bunce spoke to the Daily Star about her top money-saving holiday hacks.

She suggested: "If you can fit extra stuff in your luggage, then pop to places like Poundland and home bargains and grab yourself some snorkelers, inflatables, and even a bucket and spade. You can save so much doing this as the kids will want this stuff and it is so expensive when you'e abroad, almost three times the amount.

"Look up excursions before you go and book direct from local companies. You can save up to 60% by booking before you go.

"Don’t forget Huggies' swim nappies are also reusable as long as no one has soiled themselves. Just give them a wash out with water and some soap and let them air dry for the next day."

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