Cruise Planners reserves Space Perspective spaceflights: Travel Weekly

Cruise Planners is ready for its franchisees to send their clients to new heights.

The franchisor announced Wednesday it had reserved two Space Perspective capsules, enabling its agencies to sell seats on flights to space. The flights are expected to take place in 2025 and 2027 aboard Spaceship Neptune.

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Space Perspective plans to send travelers into space on a unique spacecraft that is propelled by the company’s SpaceBalloon. Eight passengers and a pilot are steadily lifted 100,000 feet above the Earth by the balloon at 12 mph.

Each journey lasts six hours. The Space Lounge, as the spacecraft’s interior is styled, includes 360-degree views, a bar, interactive screens, WiFi and a bathroom.

Seats are $125,000 per person.

Over the summer, Internova Travel Group’s luxury arm, Global Travel Collection, announced it had seats to sell on three spaceflights.

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