Mum discovers a ‘game-changing’ packing idea to save room in your suitcase

A mother has been praised on social media after her simple packing trick will not only save your room in your suitcase, it will also make your holiday much more organized.

Stephanie Joplin is a fashion content creator but has gone viral on her TikTok account @betterwithchardonnay for her helpful suggestion on how to save space in your luggage.

She explained that she bought a foldable door organizer on Amazon that has made it easier to plan outfits for her children for each day of their family vacation.

In the video, Stephaine shows herself folding children’s outfits into each fold of the organizer for every day she is on holiday, but this simple trick can be used for adults as well.

Stephaine said: “I tried the viral packing hack for your kids, and let me tell you, it’s going to be a game changer.”

Stephaine showed herself unfolding the organizer and explained: “Grab one of those inexpensive over-the-door organizers. Lay out every single outfit per day, roll it up, and throw it into each one of those little slots.

“I am using this one organizer to pack two boys for a six-day trip. You can pack up all their outfits and then use the bottom part for any excess clothing or other items that you need.

“Then you have every single outfit per day all ready to go.”

Stephaine added that the organizer only takes up half of one side of the suitcase, leaving you plenty of room for anything else you need to bring with you on holiday.

She said: “You roll [the organizer] up, stick it in your suitcase, and then when you get to your destination, all you have to do is unroll it and stick it over the door, and you have easy access to all of your clothes.”

Stephaine’s idea has gone viral with over 7.5 million views on social media, and many users rushed to her comment section to praise her for making their vacation so much easier.

One popular comment said: “Oh my god, that’s actually an amazing idea!”

Another user commented: “Used this hack this weekend, worked perfectly for me and my kids!”

Someone else wrote: “This is genius! You’ve just changed the game, I tried this and managed to fit in all my clothes into just one suitcase. Thank you!”

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