Mum claims Turkish Airlines banned 8-year-old from flight over peanut allergy

A mum has been left furious at an airline claiming she was left “stranded for 30 hours, with no food, no drinks” because her daughter had a nut allergy.

She alleges Turkish Airlines refused to fly them back to London Gatwick forcing them to bed down on the floor of an airport for over a day.

The eight-year-old girl was said to be left in tears after they were left on the ground at Bodrum in Turkey.

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She claims she had let the airline know that her daughter could die if she came into contact with nuts but was left dismayed when she discovered desserts had been put on the plane, TheMirrorreports.

Keeping their identities a secret, they alleged that after the shock of being left behind they were then left isolated in the airport for 30 hours because there wasn’t due to be a nut-free flight to the UK until the next day.

Making a bed out of dresses, she said she struggled to find her youngster any safe food to eat.

Speaking to the Mirror she said: "My daughter was crying, she was so scared.

"They left us stranded for 30 hours, with no food, no drinks, nothing. It was disgusting. My daughter couldn't eat anything, because they couldn't guarantee no nuts."

The duo had been enjoying a holiday together, but it all fell apart at the final hurdle as they tried to go home.

"They asked for our medical documents and I gave them my daughter's fly authorisation from her paediatrician.

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"They boarded everyone, including my mum. Then the woman said 'You can't fly. Due to your daughter's severe allergies, we can not allow you to fly back to the UK on this flight'. I asked 'why?'

"She couldn't answer my question."

Once they had been left behind, she claims she asked members of staff on the ground why the situation had played out the way it did.

"They said the desserts they loaded onto the plane contained nuts in them.

"After a couple of hours, one of the staff said to us we didn't go through the info properly, we loaded the wrong food.

“They accepted liability.”

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The next nut-free flight was the following afternoon with the pair forced to book onto it themselves.

"No one helped us.

"My daughter was sleeping on my clothes. I took out a couple of towels to put under her and dresses to keep her warm.

"My daughter can stop breathing if she has nuts. Even though they accepted liability they did not help us at all."

The Daily Star has approached Turkish Airlines for comment.


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