You Could Get Paid $3,000 to Take More Coffee Breaks

Chameleon Cold-Brew is on a mission to help you take more coffee breaks. In fact, they’ll even pay you to do so.

In April, the coffee company announced its new “ultimate coffee break” contest, which will handsomely reward two caffeine lovers with $3,000 and plenty of coffee so they may take a few more little breaks throughout their work-from-home days.

“We wanted to remind those at home to take coffee breaks the way they’re meant to be taken – often,” Leo Aizpuru, director of brand marketing for Chameleon Organic Coffee, shared in a statement. “Finding work-life balance has been very challenging this year, so our goal is to encourage people to step away from their to-do lists for a few more minutes each day to get the boost they need.”

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This competition may indeed be needed by many, many people. According to Chameleon, since the start of the pandemic, 63% of at-home workers report taking either less or the same number of coffee breaks — even though they are working longer hours.

So, how can you win? “Literally just commit to taking more breaks,” the company shared in a statement. To enter, visit the ultimate coffee break website between now and Monday, May 31. All you have to do is pop your name and email and that’s it, you’re entered to win. (No purchase necessary to enter, though the contest is only open to those over the age of 18 living in the United States. See more of the fine print here.)

Beyond the contest, Chameleon says it also plans to bring “ultimate coffee breaks” to select cities nationwide over the summer. Follow the company’s Instagram, @ChameleonCoffee, for more information, and to see if it’s visiting an area near you. Now, go take a coffee break right now, because you deserve it.

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