Mind-blowing snaps show superyacht with ‘waterfall’ pools, cinema and helipad

Plenty of Brits enjoy sailing the seas on a cruise or heading into tropical water on a glass-bottomed boat.

However, very few of us can say we’ve spent time on a yacht – much less one that’s inspired by a 128-carat diamond.

The Stella del Sud diamond, owned by Cartier and found in Brazil in 1853, inspired the gorgeous design of the ship.

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It might sound a little strange for a massive boat to look like an – admittedly also huge – jewel, but the ship mirrors the facts of glittering light and glassy look of the gem in multiple ways.

And, people were left gobsmacked after photos of the luxurious superyacht were released showing “waterfall” swimming pools, glasswork sides, a beach area and even a helipad.

The dark black and silver ship has enormous windows all around the sides to let in light while the 110m Stella del Sud superyacht also includes three swimming pools that flow down into each other along the deck.

This causes a moving water feature that looks like a gorgeous river or waterfall.

Imagine how heavenly it would be to swim in there!

The fact also has a cinema, helipad – for your helicopter to land on of course – and plenty of open lounging spaces with comfy sofas and wooden stairs.

Gabriele Teruzzi, the Italian studio that designed the mammoth ship, described it as a “glittering diamond” and it’s filled with Art Deco classy touches.

The intimate lounge area on the foredeck is full of sunbeds, sofas and swimming opportunities for your lazy days.

While the aft includes a 23m “beach area” – so you can take the tropics with you on the sea.

At an enormous 3,229 sq ft this yacht is bigger than many buildings and was inspired by the Royal Palace of Caserta in Italy.

It also makes it look like those inside the ship are looking straight through to the sea while there are hot tubs and outdoor dining spaces on the sun deck.

Doors on the outside can also open up to create terraces and there’s a garage for tenders – that’s small boats for moving around – near the bow.

Inside the ship there’s a double height saloon with massive windows, decorative panels and “rain effect” lighting.

While the main deck has a piano lounge and eight VIP cabins – half of which have terraces to themselves.

So anyone on the yacht could have all their mates on board for a party…

Up the spiral strait case is an impressive dining area.

And, the owner’s room is on the bridge deck and has “his and hers” bathrooms both which have a hot tub and a salt wall.

Just in case you fall out with your spouse and want to bubble away in peace we suppose…

The suite boasts gold sculptures, wardrobes the size of bedrooms and even an office.

Oh, and looking just like the glittering diamond the yacht is named after is an aquarium built into the ceiling above the bed.

In the lower deck there’s a wellness area, beauty and massage room, gym, sauna and steam room.

Plus, there’s the “Aqua Room” which has yet another hot tub and a bar.

The designers claim that the layout is created with hosts in mind who want a glam party or to relax with a drink.

For more information visit www.gabrieleteruzzi.com. The Italian design firm NavalHead contributed to Stella del Sud's technical engineering.


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