Million Pound Motorhomes: Inside the ‘ultimate’ £1.8 million caravan with heated floors

Million Pound Motorhomes: Expert offers tour inside vehicle

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Campsite booking have been up by 500 percent this year, and Britons cannot get enough of a holiday on the road. Two million people holiday on the road each year and motorhomes are increasingly popular holiday options.

On Channel 5’s Million Pound Motorhomes, viewers are introduced to the people who own these incredible vehicles.

Britons also get a chance to see inside some truly luxurious vehicle.

One motorhome in the US costs a staggering 1.8 million pounds.

With 11 percent of US households owning a recreational vehicle, motorhomes are big business in the country.

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The 2022 Marathon Coach is a truly luxurious vehicle.

It has soft leather seating and heated floors.

There is even a fireplace that can be turned into an aquarium.

The motorhome also features a full laundry stack.

And the shower is made of marble.

Back in Britain, the show looks at some beautiful vehicles that cost a little less.

Owners Matt and John say that a motorhome holiday is “the ultimate holiday”.

They splashed the cash on a £300,000 Morello Motorhome.

Elsewhere, the show also follows retirees Jenny and Alan who buy a brand new vehicle.

And Chef and TV personality Ruthie Lee is looking for her first motorhome.

With a budget of up to £60,000, she should be able to find what she wants.

The show also checks in with renovator Charlotte Lily.

She is renovating an old Volkswagen and her budget was £3,000.

With one week to go, she still hasn’t “touched the inside”.

And it turns out her budget was seriously underestimated.

But she is happy with the finish, even if it cost her £5,000 more than she’d hoped.

Motorhomes are fantastic family vehicles.

The show looks at parents Missy and Dom and their 12-year-old daughter Rosie who live in a small Mercedes Sprinter motorhome with two cats and two dogs.

New parents David and Jess and their four-month-old daughter and dog move out of their South London flat into a customised military overlander.

The vehicle is completely bespoke, and they spent £125,000 to kit it out.


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