Etiquette expert shares the rules for leaving the plane

For many tourists, the plane journey is the most stressful part of a holiday. Luckily, an etiquette expert has shared the rules for getting on and off the plane.

Jo Bryant, a leading etiquette expert, shared her top tips for flying with the travel experts at SkyParkSecure.

When it comes to boarding time, British tourists are usually divided on the correct behaviour. Some tourists rush to be first in the queue while others prefer to sit back and relax until the line is short.

But what’s the correct choice?

Jo said: “Some people like to be in the queue promptly before the gate opens, whereas others like to board the plane later on.

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“It’s really a matter of personal preference but, either way, queue in an orderly fashion, respect other people’s personal space, and when it comes to flying, holding up the whole plane by boarding last is never going to cut it, as being ‘fashionably late’.”

It’s important to respect the airline’s queuing system as many board their passengers in set groups to keep things orderly.

Most of the time a passenger’s group will be listed on their boarding pass so they’ll need to wait for their number to be called.

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There’s usually a similar debate when it comes to getting off the plane. While some passengers rush to disembark, others like to wait until the end of the process.

Jo said: “The rule is simple. Wait your turn but be ready. Have your things packed up and help others who are trying to reach for bags in the overhead lockers.

“When it’s time to get off, let people out from some of the rows immediately in front of you as you move down the plane.”

Although anxious flyers are often the most eager to get off the plane quickly, Jo said that’s no excuse to push.

She said: “Spend the extra (money) on a seat near the door rather than pushing or barging your way down the aisle.”

Jo also shared her rules for reclining a seat on a plane and warned passengers to stop clapping when the plane lands.

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