Michelin-starred chef reveals the 5 key ingredients that he swears by

Michelin-starred chef reveals the five key ingredients that he swears by – how many do YOU have in your pantry?

  • Chef Paul Leonard runs the Michelin-starred Forest Side restaurant in Cumbria 
  • He reveals that he always keeps Worcestershire sauce stocked in his kitchen
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If you’ve ever wondered what’s on a Michelin-starred chef’s shopping list, read on.

Chef Paul Leonard is at the helm of the Forest Side, a restaurant in the Lake District village of Grasmere with one Michelin star and four AA Rosettes to its name.

MailOnline Travel was lucky enough to snap up a seat in the acclaimed Cumbrian establishment and, while there, Leonard revealed the core ingredients he swears by in his kitchen.

The chef, who lives in the Lake District village of Coniston, explains that he always prioritises using local ingredients, whether he’s cooking in his restaurant or at home.

When it comes to home cooking, these ingredients are often picked up in Leonard’s local farm shop and used to prepare simple, hearty meals – such as chicken pie – that can be popped into the freezer for his family to eat for dinner throughout the week. 

Scroll down for the five ingredients that Leonard always keeps on hand – something to consider for your next trip to the supermarket…

Paul Leonard, who runs the Michelin-starred Forest Side restaurant in Cumbria, reveals the core ingredients he always keeps on hand, whether he’s cooking at home or in his restaurant 

1. Sea salt

‘A good sea salt is always important,’ says Leonard, adding that he prefers to use Maldon Sea Salt or Isle of Skye Sea Salt.

2. Mustard

Leonard says: ‘I like mustard a lot. A Dijon [in a recipe] is class, especially for home cooking.’

3. Butter 

Leonard explains: ‘Butter goes in everything that I do. None of this margarine or anything – it’s a big block of unsalted butter.’ 

He notes that he cooks with salted butter at home, but strictly uses unsalted in the restaurant as it makes it easier to control the seasoning of the dish when cooking for a large volume of people. The chef adds that the butter in the restaurant is made locally.

‘Butter goes in everything that I do,’ chef Leonard reveals (file photo) 

4. Rapeseed oil

Leonard says he always cooks with a really good quality single-pressed rapeseed oil, preferring to use the ‘phenomenal’ Eden Yard variety, produced locally in Cumbria.

He says: ‘It just gives a really nice nuttiness to the dish.’

5. Worcestershire sauce

‘Worcestershire sauce gives you a real umami punch in anything that you’re doing,’ says Leonard, adding: ‘It gets thrown into everything.’

Coming soon – a full review of the Forest Side. 

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