Airbnb to pay rent and travel for lucky 12 to live anywhere for a year

A year within our own borders has left many New Zealanders with itchy feet.

However, an international rentals website wants to pay your rent for a year and travel expenses, to rekindle your love for travel.

Airbnb will pay the way around the world for 12 lucky individuals, with free board in any of their listed properties, anywhere for a whole year.

There is, of course, a catch.

The website wants selected winners to host their own property on the platform while living abroad.

Airbnb wants users to road-test the process of hosting remotely, to help shape the website during their “year of living nomadically”.

It could be the most ambitious house swap ever devised.

You’ll need some source of income, as the website will only be covering cost of accommodation and transport. So, a property to let could be a good cashcow.

New Zealand area manager for the website, Susan Wheeldon has called the promotion a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity.

“Whether you’re an Auckland family who’s always dreamed about taking the kids on a farm stay adventure down south, or a sun-seeking beach lover who wants to make the most of the Transtasman Bubble,” she says the scheme will give complete flexibility to the 12 selected travellers, and their travel companions.

The scheme could suit anyone from remote workers to empty nesters, looking for a new adventure. Airbnb are aiming to pick twelve, diverse individuals from around the world.

You’ll not have long to pack your bags, though.

The programme runs between July 2021 and July 2022 with applications closing on 30 June.

Prospective nomads must be available for interview in July and take up residence in their first home on the road in September.

To enter submit a 500 word proposal to on where and what excites you most about the chance to live on the road.

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