Martin Lewis issues Ryanair warning for families on summer holiday

Money-saving expert Martin Lewis warned that families hoping to sit together on their summer holiday flights could face charges of £240 if they chose to fly Ryanair.

During his ITV show ‘The Martin Lewis Money Show Live’ on June 20, he highlighted some crucial holiday tips, particularly for families planning to fly with the budget airline.

He said Ryanair charges an extra fee for families or groups wishing to sit together, even when they have children aged under 12, YorkshireLive reports.

The expert said: “Look, the way airlines work these days is called ‘drip pricing’. What that means is you have a nice headline price as then as you go through you have to pay extra for baggage, and you have to pay extra for your seat, and you have to pay extra for this and that, you have to pay extra for the toilet. Not yet, it may well come.

“And that’s drip pricing. Which means if you think ‘we all need to sit together’ it can cost you £240 return extra not in the original price just to sit together.”

However, he reassured customers that most airlines will aim to seat families together if seats are available. Ryanair, on the other hand, will “sit you apart”, he said.

Mr Lewis went on to explain that the best approach is to check-in as soon as your flight opens, which is the optimal time to select your seats if you wish to sit together.

He went on: “Most airlines will allow under 12s, some under 15s, to be guaranteed to sit next to one adult. Not Ryanair. It says the adult has to pay in order to have someone sitting next to them.

“Although to sit next to can legally be defined as ‘separated by an aisle, or one row behind’. So generally, get your check-in as soon as possible, but don’t be fear sold that you have to pay for it in other cases, it’s just worth being on top of it to avoid that.”

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