Man’s ‘genius’ passport photo hack can save you small fortune

Getting your passport photo done can be a pain, the photobooths set you back a small fortune and if you don’t like the snap, you’re stuck with it for the next decade.

Your photo has to fit a strict set of rules too otherwise it could be rejected, leaving you back at square one, paying again.

But one TikToker has been praised for his ‘genius’ hack to getting the perfect passport photo every time.

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User @yd_mert posed in the booth while his friend held up his iPhone and using the front-facing camera snapped his potential passport shot.

No fees involved but ensuring he has the perfect lighting and background required.

Watch the video here:

The simple yet effective hack has left people on the internet kicking themselves for not thinking of this hack themselves.

One man said: “It pains me that I've never thought of this myself”.


A third joked: “this guy living the best life whilst us lot still have to pay £792.26 for a photo cos we haven't figured this out!”

One woman bluntly put: “That would have saved me £24 four months ago doing two passports at Asda”.

Several people pointed out that following changes to the passport process you can skip this step altogether.

The commenter explained: “Guys you don't need to print passport photos anymore lol you can do it online”

You can find out more about passport rules and regulations on the website here.

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