Mum says she always avoids booking two-week holidays – and people agree

A mum has revealed why she always avoids booking two-week holidays with her family – and it seems that most fellow parents agree.

The parent admitted that when she's heading on beach holidays in Europe, she ends up regretting two-week breaks. In fact, she argues that 10 days is the ideal length of time.

Posting on Mumsnet, she explained that on longer holidays she always ends up wishing she "could have had a few days at home".

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In the post, she admitted: "I've nothing to complain about except the bed is a bit uncomfortable and I should enjoy my last 3 days of sun and relaxing – but all I can think about is that if I'd bloody remembered and booked 10 days, we'd be flying home tomorrow and I could have had a few days at home in my own bed before going back to work…."

However when it comes to adventure breaks or going further afield on long-haul journeys, 14 days doesn't feel quite as long.

She added: "I never feel like this on far flung holidays with a packed itinerary etc and holidays are always a few years between so I obviously forget and get all giddy with the booking."

It seems that fellow parents agree too, with the majority of responses in favour of the 10-day break instead of 14 days.

One user wrote: "Yes I’ve always said 10 days is just perfect!", with others agreeing that leaving a few days to relax at home was often a huge help.

One holidaymaker claimed to be on an 11-day holiday for that reason, writing: "Currently got 4 days left of an 11 day holiday (day 11 is travelling home). Got 2 more days off when we get home to catch up on washing, visiting and doing very little. Perfect!"

Do you think two weeks is too long for a holiday? Let us know in the comments below.


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