Luxury campsite opens in Florida right by alligator farm and ‘monkey jungle’
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    An incredible new campsite with star-gazing domes, private patios and sunny weather is set to open next month. The gorgeous LULU glamping pods will be installed in Florida close to an alligator farm and a monkey jungle.

    The new back-to-nature resort is the perfect camping holiday for those who hate the cold, wet reality of sleeping in a tent in the British countryside. Just 40 minutes from Miami International Airport the retreat is set to feature modern living units where you can feel pampered but also immersed in the natural world.

    Each glamping site boasts a spacious 1100 sqft of space meaning they’re big enough for you to have everything you need. Each living space will be made of two "geodesic domes" – one for the bedroom-come-lounge and one as a bathroom plus a private patio for you to lounge on in the Florida heat.

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    The main dome will be large enough for four guests with a king-sized bed, kitchenette with fudge, microwave and coffee maker, and a lounge area with comfy seats and a TV. There will also be a huge 13-foot window which lets you stargaze at night.

    Inside the second done is a bathroom which will have both bathtubs and showers – which is definitely unusual for a camping trip. As the retreat is in Florida it’s bound to get hot in the summer so thankfully the domes will have air conditioning.

    The units will each be placed far away enough from each other that you can enjoy privacy within the natural surroundings and there’s even a deck with sunbeams for relaxing. You’ll also have a private hot tub just to top off the outdoor space alongside dining pergolas so you can eat al fresco.

    Plus, a fire pit and barbecue area will let you make the most of eating outside by ensuring you can cook whatever food you like and stay warm round the fire – maybe roasting marshmallows!

    There’s plenty to do nearby aside from the domes though – there will be an outdoor yoga and workout space so you can relax or get chiseled (whatever your preference). Plus, there are plenty of nature trails built through the Miami-Dade County Homestead.

    But, the best attractions are a short drive away – they include the nearby Alligator farm where you can watch the prehistoric beasts that fill the Florida swaps. Plus, there’s a monkey jungle close by too where you can go and check out the creatures swinging through trees.

    The Schnebly Winery is a great place for adults to head to for a wine tasting and to wander through the vineyards or you can check out Coral Castle museum – a bonkers oolite limestone structure created by the Latvian-American eccentric Edward Leedskalnin.

    A three night stay for early birds who book through Indiegogo will set you back £819. While a full seven nights in a Geodesic Dome will cost £1,646. Flights from the UK to Miami can be found on Skyscanner from £326.

    "From constructing domed gazebos on building rooftops for private events to setting up an outdoor hot tub movie theater, I strive to push the boundaries of what's possible," says Volodymyr Hahonin, the founder of LULU Glamping. "As an Airbnb super host with a wealth of hospitality management experience, I firmly believe in the transformative power of memorable experiences over mere material possessions."

    You can find out more at @luluglamping on Instagram.

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