Lad manages to hitchhike flight to Barcelona – on jaw-dropping private jet

British YouTube star Zac Alsop's dreams came true when he managed to get a flight on a private jet by hitchhiking in his latest online stunt.

The 27-year-old, from London, revealed how he managed to secure a private flight as he was seen in a video posted to his channel on July 21, holding a card that said "fly me anywhere".

Opening up the video, he claimed it had always been a dream of his to fly on a private jet but there was one small problem – he didn't have access to one.

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In the video, which has racked up more than 75,000 views, he said: "Flying economy is awful. I spend the whole time daydreaming, about how sweet life would be on a private jet.

"One problem with that, I can't afford a private flight to Europe. So we're going to try the impossible today and hitchhike onto a private jet. Fasten your seatbelts, 'cause this journey's about to get turbulent."

And he wasn't wrong – it was a bumpy ride to the finish line as he was seen being told off by several security guards outside one of London's busiest private airports to "ask millionaires to give him a ride."

One told him: "What you're doing is slightly out of order!"


While another said: "You will never ever get on one of our planes. It's never going to happen."

The police were even called on one occasion in a bid to make him stand down from his YouTube stunt.

But eventually, he did make it onto one of the flights after "three lads who work at the airport" took his number because they loved his idea.

They called him back and told him they may be able to get him on a private jet and the details were later confirmed in a voice note that said: "Hi Zac, it was good to meet you earlier. I love the idea of making this happen.

"I've spoken with the owner's representative for one of our private jets. I am happy to tell you you've bagged yourself a free private jet ride to Barcelona tomorrow at 8am.

"I'll see you that bright and early. Don't forget your passports and your sunscreen."

Zac couldn't believe he'd succeeded and later filmed himself on the flight in a suit, sipping champagne, eating McDonald's and even popping into the cabin to say hello to the pilots.

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His 954,000 subscribers were stunned at his achievement as one wrote: "Absolutely smashing it with these videos Zac."

Another added: "Not only he got himself into a jet, but his parents and his videographer. What a legend."

Others pointed out that he is certainly sticking to the motto in his Twitter bio which says: "Creating stories for the Grandkids."


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