easyJet travel warning: Airline issues checklist for passengers amid airport travel chaos

Eamonn Holmes praises airport staff amid travel chaos

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The budget airline, easyJet, has issued a travel checklist for passengers. Britons could face some disruption at UK airports this summer due to staff shortages.

easyJet tweeted: “We’ve worked with EASA to put together some handy tips to make sure you take off as smoothly as possible when you get on your flight.”

EASA is the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and has put together tips to help passengers this summer.

However, easyJet shared some of its own tips on Twitter, including a couple of things that passengers do all the time.

It tweeted: “Check your seat number matches your boarding pass – we’ve all been there.”

Passengers that sit in the wrong seat could cause delays if they have to then switch with another person.

easyJet added: “Know where your nearest exit is by listening to the crew instructions.

“Think about how your behaviour could affect crew and other passengers. We all love a tipple at the airport, but please know your limits before boarding the flight.

“Go and enjoy your trip!”

UK passengers will be able to buy drinks at the airport but drunk passengers can upset other travellers.

There have been several incidents where British passengers have had to be removed from the plane for drunken behaviour.

EASA posted its tips for tourists on its website and worked with airlines and airports to create the list.

It said: “Please be kind to all staff and fellow passengers. Wearing medical masks is still the best way to protect you and others from catching Covid and some countries and airlines therefore require you to wear a mask on the aircraft and other forms of transport.

“Please check the rules in place at all steps of your journey to make sure you are prepared.”

EASA tips

  • On the way – Check the latest information and help to minimise disruption
  • At the airport – Be ready for each step in your journey through the airport
  • On the aircraft – Crews are well trained professionals who are there for your safety, please follow their instructions
  • Check to see what travel requirements are in place in the country you intend to visit
  • Know what you need to prepare and carry with you before you leave
  • Think about how you are going to get to the airport

  • Check in ahead of your arrival at the airport if you can
  • Know what time to arrive at the airport
  • Think and request airport assistance if you have a genuine disability or mobility issue
  • Think and listen to the safety briefing, the information you receive might save your life
  • Go ahead and enjoy your flight

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