Kate Middleton has expensive travel hack to avoid clothes getting ‘squashed’ – here’s why

Kate and William: Palmer reveals Queen’s travel concern

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Kate Middleton, 40, took part in a royal tour of the Caribbean earlier this year and is suspected to currently be on holiday with her husband and children. How does she stop all her clothes from creasing? The Duchess of Cambridge’s outfits are always perfect, even after travelling halfway across the world.

Kate and Prince William are no strangers to travelling and going on tour.

Being in the spotlight means they will want to look their best during visits.

They will be participating in events that require both casual and formal clothes.

On a recent trip to the Caribbean earlier this year, the couple dazzled in a selection of outfits for every occasion.

Usually, the tours are made up of a wide range of events from meeting and greeting local people to taking part in activities.

Kate will also require glittering dresses and gowns if she’s scheduled to attend a glamorous engagement.

It is difficult to avoid crumpled and creased clothes inside your suitcase when travelling.

This never seems to be an issue for Kate, who always looks poised and picture-perfect on all royal appearances and tours.

This is down to a little trick she utilises whilst travelling on tour with Prince William.

Describing what it’s like to travel as a royal, royal correspondent Emily Andrews told the Channel 5 documentary ‘Secrets of the Royal Flight’ she has “been on a plane where Kate’s dresses had their own seat to make sure they were kept flat.”

She added: “They are not going to be shoved in the hold just to be squashed by everyone else’s”.

So if royal fans want to do the same, they will need to buy extra seats to make sure clothes don’t get creased in baggage.

During the Caribbean tour, Kate had up to three outfit changes a day, every day.

This would be quite a few extra seats required for the Duchess.

Kate also has a few style knacks she will undoubtedly use when on holiday.

Daena Borrowman, the Marketing Manager at jewellerybox, previously spoke to Express.co.uk about royal style protocol and how Kate ensures she sticks to the rules.

She said: “It is customary for senior royals to dress modestly during public appearances, in order to preserve the sanctity of the Royal Family.

“Royal women are expected to wear tights whenever their legs are exposed in public.

“The Duchess of Cambridge, who favours nude tights and has worn them with many iconic outfits, has often triggered the sellout of nude tights.

“Pennies or small weights are sewed into the hemlines of dresses to avoid them being blown up by a strong gust of British wind.”

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