Jetstar IT outage and heavy fog causes Australian travel chaos

Jetstar passengers were met with length delays on Wednesday caused by an IT outage that hit check-ins at airports across the country.

Just hours after fog caused 90 minute delays in Sydney, a software issue at 15 terminals across Australia left passengers frustrated and facing delays, reported

According to a spokesman from Jetstar, the outage “effected a number of flights across Australia” however the system is now “back up and running” and the airline is working through “a few delays but no cancellations.”

“An IT issue affected our airport systems this morning resulting in multiple flights experiencing delays of up to 90 minutes,” a statement read.

“Our technicians worked on the issue. All of our systems are now back up and running and flights operating normally.

“We appreciate delays are frustrating and apologise to customers for the impact to their journey.

According to reports, some passengers were delayed by two hours because of the outage and fog earlier today at Sydney airport.

It is understood no flights were cancelled due to the IT issue, with some held on the tarmac while technicians worked on the outage. However, Jetstar did cancel four domestic flights out of Sydney because of the fog.

Following an earlier IT issue affecting check, systems are now back up and running. You can check your flight status here

A blanket of heavy fog over Sydney brought down visibility resulting in flight delays of up to 90 minutes and the cancellation of around a dozen flights on domestic services. International flights are also experiencing delays.

Just after 5am this morning, the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) issued a road weather alert for Sydney — saying the fog will affect most suburbs in the city.

Services in and out of Sydney may be delayed due to fog. We are working to have guests on their way as soon as possible. To keep an eye on the status of your flight, click here:

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