‘It’s hard being an influencer on holiday – I can’t relax without 2 pics a day’
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    A wealthy Instagram model who spends thousands on glam trips has explained the stresses of being an influencer on holiday.

    Cansel Özyalcin, 23, who lives in Germany, spends £12,000 a pop on luxurious trips to exotic locales like Dubai.

    But, she doesn’t just sun it up on the beach as she has to make content to thrill her 313,000 followers all day every day.

    Speaking to the Daily Star, Cansel said: “Being an influencer is already so much a part of my life and everyday life that I work almost every day, even if I no longer notice it.

    “On vacation, where you should actually relax and rest as a normal person, you start to work even harder as an influencer.

    “You want to do as many stories as possible to let the community participate and visit the best locations to shoot the most inspo photos possible.”

    She added: “I pack my suitcase full of outfits from brands I have an ongoing cooperation with to be able to take my photos on vacation.

    “I then plan to take at least two photos a day, for example, only when that's done can I relax.”

    The blonde bombshell even has to bring an entire suitcase dedicated to accessories – and her own lamps for photography.

    Plus, she needs to model the clothes she’s been sent for free by various fashion brands.

    And, it can be tricky to ensure each item is photographed well.

    Cansel explained: “I usually need two huge suitcases. One suitcase for my private items such as make-up, pony tails, accessories, many shoes and bags.

    “And one suitcase full of brand new outfits from brands that I have been sent that I have to photograph.

    “The most important item that must not be missing from my kit are my portable lamps.

    “I can't get a good professional picture without my lighting.”

    But, on the plus side, Cansel does get to go on free holidays paid for by brands on top of the trips she funds herself.

    She noted: “I enjoy privileges that others don't have.

    “Depending on the reach of the profile, all costs such as flight and accommodation are paid by the brands.

    “I have already been invited to very unique locations like huge yachts or events in the highest pool in the world.”

    And, her favourite place to journey to is Dubai.

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    Cansel said: "“It’s now common for influencers to prefer certain cities like Dubai. I personally love Dubai.

    “In Dubai, for example, you can live out the influencer life perfectly.

    "There really is no limit to parties in Dubai, the craziest events are organised to attract attention."

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