Italy’s mysterious ghost town that’s been used as a film set

A “completely abandoned” Italian ghost town offers tourists a unique experience that they can’t “get anywhere else”.

Just 40 km inland, Craco is a striking town built high on a steep summit for defensive reasons.

But while the settlement dates back hundreds of years, Craco has been left “completely abandoned” due to landslides.

In 1963, Craco began to be evacuated due to a series of landslides caused by sewage and water works.

The picturesque town was a ghost town after the last residents moved out following the Irpinia earthquake in 1980.

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Nowadays, tourists can visit the mysterious ghost town to get a glimpse into the life the town’s residents had to leave behind.

Craco might also be recognisable to movie fans as the abandoned settlement has been used in several blockbusters.

The Italian town was a featured location in the 2008 James Bond film, Quantum of Solace, and The Passion of the Christ starring Mel Gibson.

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A tourist ‘Andrew M’ who visited the town wrote on Tripadvisor: “A completely unique experience.

“It is an experience you won’t get anywhere else. A completely abandoned town. A must see.”

The village is suspended in time and tourists can book a tour to explore the site for 13 euros (£11.12).

Due to the nature of the site, tourists have to wear a protective helmet and non-slip shoes to explore.

Particularly interesting monuments at the abandoned Italian site include the Norman Tower and the church.

The abandoned town is around two hours drive from Bari’s beaches and is also easily reachable from Brindisi.

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