Influencers flaunt 2022 holidays – from topless in Greece to Maldives villas

Most of us have already booked, or even been on, our summer holidays this year whether that's a trip to Spain or Scarborough.

But, we’re always looking for more sunny inspiration for a last-minute trip or our booking for 2023.

And when we're not on the lookout for holiday inspiration or looking for a deal on TUI we look at what our favourite influencers are posting online.

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After all, nothing sells people on a destination more easily than gorgeous people at luxury hotels or splashing in turquoise water.

So, where have some of the biggest influencers been spotted on holiday?

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Well we’ve been spotting Italy all over our feeds with cities and towns with many heading west to Naples, Sorrento, Amalfi and Capri winning us over with their charming buildings and pretty fishing boats.

Kelsey Calemine, 23, who has a whopping 2.7million followers, @fatherkels, shared some sizzling snaps from her trip to the Amalfi coast.

The blonde bombshell wore cobalt blue and little else as she posed by the water and cliffs of the luxury hotspot.

She headed off to the fishing village of Nerano and sucked down delicious spaghetti while wearing a bikini.

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And, she partied the night away in Capri and tucked into decadent Tiramisu.

What more could you want? Well views of Vesuvius and easy access to Pompeii are always a bonus!

The Maldives

Much further afield for us Brits, but not so far for fitness influencer Tammy Hembrow, the atolls of this Indian Ocean are pure paradise.

Australian Tammy, who has 15.4m followers, @tammyhembrow, headed off to sink her toes into the white sand beaches of the Maldives with her fiancé and children at the beginning of the year.

In one photo Tammy and her family all crowded in front of the infinity pool which stood against the stunning Indian Ocean.

She wore silky outfits and tucked into a beachside breakfast of pastries and dinners of caviar and seafood.

The couple ate at a treehouse table for one meal which stood above the palm trees and boasted incredible views.

And, Tammy’s room was filled with every luxury you could want – from a bath that looked straight onto the water, to a private swimming pool a swinging bench.

We dream of the day we can go there…

The Bahamas

Adult star and OnlyFans actress Mia Malkova, who has 11m followers, @miamalkova, shared some holiday photos fro her summer getaway several weeks ago.

Though they may have been hot enough without being set in the Caribbean…

The curvy star shared videos of herself swinging above the crystal clear water with friend Kelly Kay.

She went on to show snaps of them posing on the white beaches and flaunted both her bikinis and the deck of the villa she stayed in.

Mia’s tropical getaway may be a bit far, but we already want to pack our bags and buy a flight!

Mykonos, Greece

Lele Pons, an actress and former viral Vine star, has a whopping 48.9million Instagram followers, @lelepons.

And, last month she headed to the blue-and-white shores of Mykonos – an island known for its party ways.

She shared a reel of snaps on Instagram with pal Hannah Stocking at the Cavo Tagoo hotel.

Lele and Hannah covered themselves in bubbles on the balcony in a cheeky shot that had their fans hearts racing.

And they shared snaps of themselves reclining and eating fresh fruit plates on poolside sun loungers with spotless white linens and clear water beneath them.

They ate plenty of pasta while standing in the pool and even showed themselves dining underwater.

Lele took a bite out of a watermelon slice in the pool while grapes, coffee and champagne can be seen sitting on an aquatic table.

Plus the duo posed topless with huge watermelons to cover their assets in one steamy snap wear just their bikini bottoms.

What a dream with the bestie…

Saint Tropez, French Riviera

Saint Tropez is known for being a place for the rich and famous, so, Jack Maynard, brother to Connor Maynard, might just fit in.

The sandy-haired YouTuber and DJ shared a series of shots with Lily Mackie – his girlfriend and Pippa Middleton’s millionaire heiress niece.

The young duo were shown smiling on towels in the sand sipping wine under the bright blue skies.

Jack showed himself cruising in the water aboard a boat – which is the only way to do Saint Tropez – and in front of an enormous yacht.

Oh, how the other half lives…

Menorca and Portugal

A more familiar destination for most of us is Menorca, in the Balearic Islands of Spain, and Portugal, off the coast of Western Europe.

Influencer and fitness lover Daisy Keech decided to catch some rays in the blue waters of Brit favourite Menorca.

She shared a cheeky snap of herself in a white shirt and bikini bottoms in a garden that flashed her peachy butt, as well as plenty of snaps of herself shopping in a pretty yellow dress at a bakery and grocers.

Daisy also showed her favourite outdoor spaces like gardens and rough stone walls.

And, of course plenty of bikini snaps and beach picnics were posted to make us all envious.

Where are you going on holiday this year? Tell us in the comments…


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