Indiana Cows Escape Farm, Run down Highway in Hilarious Video

A herd of Indiana cows were in an udder rush after escaping from a farm and hitting the highway over the weekend.

About 75 Holstein calves galloped down a highway in an almost single-file line on Saturday near Kingsbury, Ind. (just southwest of South Bend) surprising drivers and law enforcement alike. And the legen-dairy event was caught on video.

"It's really important to note, these cows weren't just walking, they were at a full gallop, if you will," off-duty officer Capt. Derek Allen told the South Bend Tribune. Allen said he quickly drove ahead of the cows and activated his car's flashing lights to warn oncoming motorists.

Soon after, Allen and some volunteers started to round up the calves, corralling some near a fenced area and following others up the road. Eventually, the group managed to round up all the cows without any injuries to the animals or the humans.

"I've been involved in many unique situations previously, but not something with this many animals on the roadway," Allen told the paper.

But while the cow joy-ride was short lived, that didn't stop driver Melissa Kuczmanski from capturing the amoosing scene on video.

"It's a herd of cows running directly at us in the passing lane in the opposite direction," Kuczmanski told the South Bend Tribune. "It was kind of a joyous moment; I was looking for the universe to send me some really cool wildlife sightings, and boom."

"No one was in danger as long as you pulled over and let them pass," she added. They were following each other along, not one cow was by themselves … their eyes were bright, they looked so excited."

This isn't the first time an animal has escaped and run wild. In May, a herd of 200 goats took over a neighborhood in San Jose, Calif., after a fence broke. And in September, a tiger somehow got loose in Knoxville, Tenn., evading capture.

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