‘I’m an Ayia Napa stud – wild Brits cheat, take boob selfies and drink urine’

Ayia Napa, a party town in Cyprus, is well known for having sun, sand, sea and plenty of cheap booze. It’s been a hotspot for wild British youngsters for decades – and boy, do they live it up while overseas.

Not only can you buy drinks packages by time, rather than number of drinks, but an influencer claims there are even challenges that result in tourists drinking urine. Plus, plenty of young men head to Cyprus to cheat, pull and lose their virginity.

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"Ayia Napa stud" Andreas Michalis, 20, from Watford, heads out to the island each year to work the strip. In a TikTok video, he claimed that ticket sellers can make as much as £170 a day in the holiday hotspot.

In his career, the TikTok star, @thatguyandreas, learnt about all the best parties, drinks deals and events on the island. Plus, he's taken part in some of the extreme challenges holidaymakers set each other.

Andreas told Daily Star: "There is something called the 'last night task board' – your friends create 11 tasks [with] one a fresh bang. If you don’t achieve it then you have a forfeit.

"I did this when I was 18 and I had some crazy tasks, for example: do a shot of urine, crawl from a bar to a bar whilst barking like a dog, get five boob selfies, down five headf**ker drinks ( the strongest drink in Napa ) and many more crazy tasks."

However, Andreas admitted that there was one task he couldn't go through with – getting a girl's name tattooed on his bum.

It's not just Andreas getting up to wild antics. He added: "Majority of boys come to Ayia Napa to get their numbers up, lose their virginity or cheat on their girlfriend. It is extremely easy to pull out here. Realistically if I wanted to every single night I could pull a girl."

Not everything has to do with women though. Apparently tourists also act out violently.

The influencer explained: "Tourists love to fight. No idea why, every night you will see a group of boys fighting each other. A few weeks ago my car was vandalised. I clearly had a hater and they saw my car and they smashed the window and also wrote some vile words on the car. I had to quickly get it repaired as my sister was needed the car and she had a child."

As the most "well known person in Napa", Andreas gets plenty of free club entries and fans. But, it also means he worries when out and about. He commented: "I also do get some threatening hate in my direct messages on Instagram so when I’m out on the strip in Ayia Napa it is always in the back of my mind someone could be drunk and potentially attack me."

Thankfully there's plenty of fun to have in Cyprus too. Andreas works for holiday experience company Workers Family and is a partner in Summer Dreams Holidays – so he knows all the best parties and deals.

He noted: "My favourite thing in Napa is the daytime events. A big group of people going out for the day at a daytime event with good vibes, sun, music and drinks. Plus, Nissi beach is the best beach 100%. The blue waters, music, beach bar and good vibes is sick. There’s water sports, foam parties and sexy girls. What else do you need."

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