‘I’m a flight attendant – passengers often tell us confessions and buy us gifts’

A flight attendant has opened up about her life in the sky – from getting gifts to hearing passenger's "confessions".

Jessica Lyons, 34, from Brazil, works as a cabin crew member in Chicago, USA, and has been doing the job for two years.

She never originally thought she would work in the industry, but fell in love with the job.

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Now, Jessica takes pride in looking after her passengers, keeping them safe, and posts about her Jetset lifestyle on her Instagram page, @jessica.dreis.

It seems plenty of people are keen to know more about working at 35,000ft as the brunette beauty has over 20,000 followers.

The Daily Star caught up exclusively with Jessica to hear some of the best perks of the job – and her advice for passengers who want to get in the cabin crew's good books.

It’s important to remember that flight attendants don’t just look after your food and drink needs on the plane, but also train hard to keep you safe in an emergency.

The best way to thank them is to be polite – and maybe bring them some treats to get on their good side.

Jessica explained: “Passengers are usually so nice to us we get a lot of chocolates, Starbucks gift cards and some tips especially during the holidays.

"We hear a lot of confessions – you share with us your dreams and aspirations and If you treat us well, and politely, you will have the best customer service and some free drinks."

Other than the guests, Jessica’s favourite part of the job is the extensive travel.

She told the Travel team: "My favourite part of the job is going to exotic places and exploring new cultures. It’s fascinating to see that we are the same and so different at the same time.

"Being a flight attendant is not the same as work 9-5 it’s a lifestyle. We can have breakfast in New York and dinner in Milan. How exciting!"

And, the Brazilian influencer has a preferred destination.

"I love long haul flights and my favourite destination is Paris," she commented. "I was there yesterday and I’m so fascinated about everything there."

But, not everything in the life of a stewardess is glamorous.

There are definitely down sides to the job too.

Jessica explained: "Crews usually get along pretty well, but, yes there’s a lot of drama included. My least favourite thing is dealing with delays and cancellations."

Still, that doesn't stop her from loving the career choice. She admitted: "I never imagined being a stewardess but now I don’t see myself having another career.

"I truly love flying and I’m passionate about helping others and I’ve always been someone who’s looked after others and wanted to help people."

For anyone going on holiday soon Jessica also offered her best advice.

The flight attendant said: "My number one tip if you are going to fly somewhere is: get to the airport earlier and don’t get tight connections between flights. Always plan accordingly."

But, if you do mess up your plans, she recommends asking a crew member.

Jessica exclaimed: "We will always be there to help you!"


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