‘I work at Christmas markets – we can give out freebies and get heaps of perks’

December is here and snow is already on the ground in parts of the UK – and we’re just 16 days away from Christmas.

To get into the festive mood thousands of Brits will head to their local Christmas market to do some shopping and sip on mulled wine.

Whether you’re heading to Winter Wonderland in Hyde park, St Nicholas Fair in York or a smaller local event they’re always plenty of fun.

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We’ve put together a full list of major Christmas Markets you can attend this winter.

But, have you ever wondered what it’s like to work at one of the festive events?

Daily Star spoke to Viva Andrada O’Flynn, 40, who runs the Love Viva Cakes and Crafts stall at Glouchester’s FUNtastic Fair Christmas market to find out.

While some of us might believe the huge numbers of visitors that come to a Christmas market would leave workers run off their feet, Viva says it’s one of her favourite things about the job.

She explained: “The best thing is there’s so much footfall, people in a happy festive mood wanting to buy gifts and Christmas decor.”

Viva is a major festive fan, so the bright lights, cheers and carols are all part of the magic of the job.

The stall holder noted: “It’s fantastic seeing people smiling, in high spirits, having happy festive mood, hearing Christmas songs and being surrounded by Christmas lights and display.

“Christmas is my favourite time of the year! I love Christmas markets.”

However, not everything is a positive when standing in one of the chalets.

Viva said: “It is freezing cold and gets dark quickly!”

And while the business owner – who delicately arranges her beautiful cupcakes, cookies, cakes and brownies for visitors – say’s there’s not much that people do to annoy her, some actions rankle.

One of her pet peeves? "When [customers] reserve something and say they’re going to come back-and they don’t come back."

After all, changing your mind is fine – but just let the stallholder know!

Thankfully, at Gloucester’s Christmas fair you don’t have to pay to get in – and those who work there do get certain perks like free food.

Viva told the Travel team: "Everyone gets free entry. We don’t charge for entry so more people can come. Stallholders get free baked goods from Love Viva Cakes and Crafts!"

And, there are plenty of sweet moments where workers can spread festive cheer.

Viva laughed: “There was a child who bought a cupcake, took it out of the bag and started eating it. Then he licked it, then it fell on the floor.

“I saw it happen. I told him to come back and I gave him another cupcake.”

Sometimes market-goers shoot their shot and try to make friends – or more – with the workers.

Viva told us: “I had a customer who thought I was an American because of my accent. He invited me to a get together of Americans living in the U.K. I’m a Filipino woman.

“I also had a customer who said I was so pretty and was even asking me out… I told him I’m married.”

Other than Viva’s delicious cakes and crafts – which can also be bought on her site loveviva.company.site – the FUNtastic Fair also sold chocolates, cosmetics, jewellery, teddy bears and more.

Viva shares snaps of her delicious creations on Facebook and Instagram.

The Christmas market ran on two dates in November, but if you want to find a great Christmas market to attend checkout the world's top rated events including two in the UK.

Would you love to work at a Christmas market? Tell us in the comments…


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