‘I was forced to change my Disneyland outfit by staff – and have no idea why’

A woman was left baffled when she got dress-coded at Disneyland for a little-known reason.

Alexa dressed up as Wanda Maximoff when she went to the theme park on Halloween last year.

In her TikTok video, she showed her superhero-inspired outfit which featured a black crop top and black jeans paired with long red gloves and red Dr Martens boots.

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She also wore a headpiece that resembled the one in movies but the costume proved an issue shortly after she entered the park.

She said: "I got dress coded for my Wanda outfit at Disneyland yesterday so I had to make some quick changes.

"So ridiculous I bought red Dr Martens for this occasion."

Her outfit was almost identical to one episode in Marvel series WandaVision where Wanda is wearing a crop top and Dr Martens.

Apparently the staff said she was not allowed to wear the headpiece because they considered the costume as a "disguise".

She had to remove the accessory so it was "Disneyland-approved".

"I went in thinking the headpiece was comparable to the mouse ears everyone wears and she even started questioning my friend behind me, asking 'is yours a costume?'," the TikToker explained.

"I told another worker what the one before said and he said "that's BS I've seen many people wearing that headpiece".

"I also wore it for the rest of the day and not a single other person gave me trouble."

Some viewers suggested that the staff might have mistaken Alexa as a cast member.

One said: "I mean you do look a lot like her so I can see where they're coming from."

"You're in trouble for what? I work at Walt Disney World and have literally seen people wearing cosplay wigs on normal days and didn't get told not to," another wrote.

A third added: "I thought someone dress coded you at Disneyland for showing midriff!"

Disney state on their website that "costumes and masks may not be worn by guests 14 years of age or older".

The exception are specific Halloween and Christmas events, however, "costume masks of any kind may not be worn".


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