‘I tried new Tom Kerridge burger that costs a whopping £28.50 – and it’s epic’

No feeling compares to biting into a good burger, and almost no one can make a burger like Tom Kerridge.

The French-British fusion chef has multiple Michelin stars across several of his restaurants and pubs. He has even starred in several shows including Great British Menu, MasterChef and Saturday Kitchen.

In honour of National Burger Day on Thursday, August 26, Susan Griffin from our sister site 2Chill visited Tom Kerridge’s Manchester restaurant The Bull & Bear and tried the new £28.50 burger and absolutely loved it.

Susan said: "I went to try a burger that’s a whopping £28.50. I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview of the almost-30-quid dish, which will be available on National Burger Day only.

"So what’s involved? Well, it’s basically an upgrade of the restaurant’s classic Marlow Mix Burger – which is already £22.50, and a favourite with punters I notice, looking round the very luxe restaurant.

"The joint is in the former Stock Exchange and is suitably decadent with a domed ceiling and comfy booths. From our table we can see into the open kitchen and watch the chefs at work, led by head chef Sarah Hayward.

"It means we can see the special one-off burger as it comes our way. It’s stacked generously high, is packed with a juicy meat patty and lots of melted cheese.

"The only problem is knowing how to tackle it. I try to keep things polite with a knife and fork, while my dining partner takes a more hands-on approach, but it gets messy quick, in the best possible sense, either way.

"The real test is in the taste, of course, and you'll be pleased to hear it's rich and delicious. The bottom bun is topped with sliced gherkins and dressed in the Tom Kerridge gherkin ketchup, followed by the ‘Marlow Mix’ meat, a beef blend of brisket, rib and chuck, topped with oozing smoked Applewood Cheddar cheese.

"Then comes the new angle: slow-cooked short rib of beef topped off with a slice of Isle of Wight beef tomato, truffle mayonnaise and a crispy top bun.

"And in case that isn’t enough, it comes with a side of crunchy fries coated in truffle mayonnaise, grated parmesan and a sprinkling of truffle to boot.

"Each mouthful is a delight, and the bun isn’t remotely soggy. Yes, it’s expensive, but it’s epic, memorable and delicious too. Just don’t order a starter, it’s pretty huge."

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