‘You might stand out’: Cruise guest shares luggage hack – what to ‘never bring’

The Cruise: Cabin host shares process of cleaning room

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Cruise ships normally carry thousands of guests and embarkation day may be a little hectic. One Reddit user asked experienced cruise guests how they deal with the day.

The new guest was worried about their luggage being stolen or damaged during the transfer from the port.

A regular guest said: “My solution to this has always been to never bring checked luggage.

“I only cruise with a carry on and a backpack and I bring those aboard myself. This also guarantees the airline can’t lose my luggage because I never checked any.

“Usually your rooms won’t be ready until at least 1pm or later so we always head straight for the buffet as soon as we get onboard.

“You can easily keep a carry on with you at your table while you eat and not get in anyone else’s way.”

Cruise guests often won’t be able to access their cabin for a few hours as the ship staff clean the rooms.

This means that passengers won’t have access to their checked luggage until it is dropped off at their room.

The guest added: “If you do bring checked luggage, make sure anything important is with you and not in the luggage because you might not see it for a few hours until mid afternoon.

“This covers obvious things like passports/documentation and valuables, but also things like any medication you might need to take before dinner.

“Some people also like to hit up the pool immediately as well, but you can’t do that if your swimwear is stuck with your luggage that you don’t have yet.”

It’s best to keep any items passengers might need when they first board in hand luggage.

Suncream is another hand luggage essential if passengers want to hit the deck in a sunny destination.

Another guest said: “Don’t pack expensive and easily stolen stuff in your checked bag, same as with the airlines.

“You can bring a carry-on, but make it as small as possible because you’re not allowed in the rooms right away.”

As guests can’t access their cabins straight away, it’s best to keep hand luggage light and easy to carry.

Another passenger added: “You could bring your bags on yourself, but you’d have to lug them around until your room is ready.

“You might stand out because it seemed like nearly everyone had them delivered to their rooms.”

However, they gave a useful warning for disembarkation day which could give passengers more flexibility.

They said: “You may want to consider keeping your bags with you for disembarkation. Not for theft, but because you have the most flexibility on when you leave the ship.

“Most people have their bags picked up the night before, but then you have to pack everything that last evening and you’re assigned a disembarkation time.

“And then you have to retrieve your luggage once off the ship. We opted to keep our luggage, grabbed breakfast that morning, finished packing and just walked off.”

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