‘I tell myself I’m the hottest woman ever – it makes me feel more confident’

An OnlyFans model and Instagram fashionista has revealed that she wasn't always confident wearing swimwear on the beach when on holidays.

Like many of us, Bailey, 24, from Texas, was once insecure about her figure which meant she felt worried about bearing it all when enjoying the sun abroad.

Plenty of us have brought a kaftan or beach cover up on our all-inclusive holiday because of our lumps and bumps – but Bailey has revealed how she moved on from her holiday hangups.

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Now, her bikini snaps have made her the “first millionaire in the family.”

The “internet sensation” set up her Instagram account, @baystayfit, intending to be confident and famous – and she says you can feel like a 10 out of 10 on the beach too.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Bailey admitted: “I haven’t always been positive about my body. I think beauty standards affected me growing up, thinking I had to look a certain way to be accepted.

“When I was younger I was super thin and wanted to have a butt and bigger boobs and now I have those things, but a belly to go with.

“I’ve realised anything I don’t like about myself I can change, so it’s literally up to me to make those changes.”

Nowadays she loves to flaunt her curvy body in swimwear – and see other women doing the same.

Bailey noted: “I’ve accepted myself. I love wearing a two piece, especially when I see others with the same body type as me on the same beach, like yas girl.”

The stunning brunette also has advice for anyone who is feeling insecure before they have to head poolside this summer.

Bailey suggested: “You’re only going to see those people for a short time and then probably never again… They’re not going to remember you.

“Plus there’s probably another woman out there right now who is not giving a f*** in her two piece.

“Positive thoughts only. You become what you think about. So if you’re constantly thinking you’re the hottest woman ever, then nothing can stop you.”

And, that’s exactly what the model does when taking sizzling hot photos in a bikini on the beach.

She commented: “I take most of my photos by myself. It looks easy on the outside, but when you’re taking photos in public, it can be a little scary.

I just think ‘oh these people are never going to see me again, so why not take this photo?’ I look at myself in the mirror and dance around to get myself into a chipper mood.”

Bailey's unshakeable confidence on the beach, round the pool or while posing sexily in swimwear has gained her hundreds of thousands of followers – and they're obsessed with her holiday snaps.

Bailey told us: “I just started manifesting everyday… I lived each day as if that was the day I was going to reach that million dollars.

“It was my mindset and the love from my fans that got me to where I am today.”

Her go-to holiday hotspot is in the United States, although she does want to visit Mexico in the future.

The OnlyFans star said: "My favourite destination is Miami! I absolutely love it there, the vibes it gives off and so many people there do what I do for a living.

“I notice a lot of models go out of country to places like Cancun together. I haven’t vacationed with any models yet, but hopefully soon.”

Her DMs are even flooded by men trying to take the bombshell on free trips.

“I’ve been asked many times to go out of state to meet with someone," she revealed. "The amount of blue check [verified] people in my DMs wanting to meet would surprise you.”

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