‘I organise naked events around the UK – from nude dinners to i360 in Brighton’
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    Brits who love to strip off can now get stuck into naturist events here in the UK.

    Nudist enthusiasts have been getting together to dine out, paint, cook meals and even see local attractions without a shred of clothing on.

    Nothing On Events launched just last year after naturist Brits decided there weren’t enough nights out to cater for them.

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    Founded by Adam Ford, 41, the company has thrown a series of wild nights out in the UK; one group of naked foodies got stuck in at Pretty Things in Horsham, while The Royal Oak in Surrey attracted nudists to shed their clothes and enjoy a pint together earlier this year.

    Adam told the Daily Star that Nothing On Events hopes to “normalise social nudity”. He decided to create places where people could do “everyday stuff in the nude”.

    Plus, the naturist events company wants to “improve body acceptance” – and it’s not only for those who are used to being naked in front of strangers.

    In March, Nothing On Events is heading to Brighton where they’re hosting a clothing optional trip at the i360.

    As a celebration of the company’s first birthday, it's inviting everyone to see the sunset from the pod’s glorious glass windows.

    You’re welcome to shed your clothes when you arrive or wear whatever makes you comfortable as the founder wants to get “new people involved”.

    It’s a great chance to try a new experience or challenge yourself even if you’re not a naturist, Adam claims.

    The website states: “The clothing-optional nature of the evening means it can be enjoyed by anybody, it’s a fab opportunity to mix as naked people and ‘textiles’ and who knows, maybe we’ll end up with more naked people on the pod than we started with??

    “This unique event promises to be even more spectacular as it’s one of the rare occasions that the time of sunset and private flight times align so we should (hopefully) have a beautiful spring sky whilst the sun disappears behind the horizon about halfway through the flight.”

    Guests will be treated to a drink of choice from sparkling wine to gin and tonics, cider, beer or soft drinks.

    Any pre-ordered drinks will bag a special discount too so you can enjoy some liquid courage.

    The opportunity to go nude will begin once the pod reaches roof height of the surrounding buildings.

    Early bird tickets finish selling on February 13 2023 and the event will be held on March 24.

    Both clothed and naked tickets will be available so everyone can enjoy the event.

    Discussing his love of naturism, Adam noted: “When I am home, you’ll typically find me in a state of undress.

    “I find it more comfortable, cheaper as clothes last longer and don’t require washing as often and removes the decisions around what to wear and any disappointment when things don’t fit as they should.

    “My first public nude experience was eight or nine years ago at a clothing optional campsite where I exercised that option literally from the minute we got out the car. The freedom and the air on my skin just felt amazing.”

    Now, Adam does his best to provide events for Brits who want to shed their clothes too.

    You must be over the age of 18 to attend the events and no photography is allowed bar official photographers.

    Those who do not wish to be photographed will not be included in any snaps.

    Inappropriate behaviour is not accepted at the events and you may be ejected.

    Find out more information about Nothing On Events on their website; nothingonevents.co.uk.

    Nothing On Events is currently looking for more venues to host naturist events – contact them at [email protected] to get involved.

    Nothing On Events work with British Naturism to organise regional events around the UK.


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