‘I love being a flight attendant – I get cheap flights for family and friends’

Plenty of people have thought about a career in the airline industry whether as a flight attendant or pilot.

After all, what’s not to love about escaping the nine to five to live your life in the skies?

While airline workers can work long hours, and the pay isn’t always enormous, it has added benefits like visiting new countries and cities every week.

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It can be extremely expensive to train as a pilot so for many the career they aim for is as a member of the cabin crew.

The Daily Star spoke to flight attendant Kali Harlow, who posts on Instagram @blondieinwanderland, about the added perks of being a member of an airline crew.

The US-based flight attendant has worked in the industry for four years and loves it!

She explained: “One of the perks of this job is that you do get to travel for free or for a small fee – I’ve been to Iceland for $0 and El Salvador for $3.

“It’s one of the main reasons you do what you do. One of the perks of having someone in your family be a flight attendant is that you also get to experience these travel benefits!”

So, if you become a member of the cabin crew your spouse, partner, parents, children and even friends can travel the world for a cheaper price.

Other members of cabin crew have previously revealed some other enviable perks.

For example, flight attendants are more likely to be upgraded when they fly, claims Donata Valantinaite, from Lithuania.

She said: “Passengers are paying money for those seats and it would be unfair and not professional to make any exemptions.

“Of course if it’s our colleagues flying with us, we treat each other as a family and the company treats their employees as well.

“So we are always doing our best if our colleagues are flying with us.”

Previously, Kali admitted she'd caught passengers trying to join the Mile High Club – and tried not to laugh.

Plus, other passengers had even looked her up on social media after flying – something other cabin crew have labelled creepy.


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