‘I committed the worst holiday sunbed sin – but don’t feel guilty at all’

Over the last few weeks, as the tourism high season kicks off in popular holiday hotspots, a number of tourists have been spotted racing for sunbeds in the early hours of the morning.

One woman was even spotted sprinting for a lounger and laughingly kicking other guests who were in her way.

But, while many Brits join in the havoc to bag the bed bed round the pool many shake their heads in annoyance at the bouncers behaviour.

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And, one sunbed hogger has spoken out about holiday resort “sunbed wars” and why she doesn’t feel guilty for joining in.

TikTok user Holy Morridge recently took to the social media app to come clean about her controversial actions, reports the Mirror.

She claimed to reserve popular spots around thew swimming pool ahead of the morning rush as she had previously ended up in "uncomfortable chairs".

In the video, the blonde described how she was committing the act – but revealed that she "doesn't feel bad".

"I am currently committing a holiday sin," she said.

"But I have to! Everyone else was – and they always say, 'If you can't beat them then join them'!

"I am currently walking down in the morning with towels."

She added:"This so bad, I can't even say it… I'm going to reserve a sunbed.

"But, all holiday I haven't done that, I stuck to my guns and I said, 'No! That's annoying'.

"But, you know what? Who's losing out here? Only me! Everyone is reserving it like there's no tomorrow!"

Holy said she was constantly ending up "on the outskirts" or on sit-up chairs when she didn’t run for the good seats as greedy holidaymakers would get up early to nab them.

She continued: "I thought, 'No! Not today, I'm reserving them' – and I don't feel bad!"

"I feel like I'm going to get hate… You need to understand, this is a last resort.

"Oh my God, the bed that I've wanted all holiday is free.”

Holy then filmed herself soaking up the sunshine on the prime sunbed.

"This bed just suits me, doesn't it? It had to be done," she said.

And, giggling Brits shared their thoughts on the tactic in the comments…

"I did this too, no shame – I don't wanna sunbathe on the floor," one commented aside a laughing emoji.

Another added: "Nah babe it's fine if everyone's doing then you just have to"

What do you think – would you reserve the sunbeds? Tell us in the comments…


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