I Can’t Imagine Working From Home Without This Anti-fatigue Mat — Here’s How to Get It on Sale

Using my kitchen counter as a standing desk during business hours was less of a decision and more of a default. My small apartment can’t even fit a table, let alone a desk, so when the Travel + Leisure offices closed in the early days of the pandemic, I opened up my laptop on the counter and tried to work through my ever-increasing brain fog and stupor, too anxious to sit down. One year later, I’m still standing here — but now, I have an anti-fatigue mat under me.

My knees and back were telling me a few months into working from home that the area rug I stood on for most of the day wasn’t cutting it, but I didn’t know what I needed until my colleague wrote about how good this particular anti-fatigue mat from Sky Solutions is for cooking and doing dishes. “Hey,” I thought, “I stand in my kitchen all day.” Now I like to joke that the 20-by-32-inch mat is my home office. I can go a full eight-hour day barefoot on my Sky Mat before retiring to the couch, which in itself is my living room.


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To buy: amazon.com, $31 with code 20SKYTRVL (originally $45)

The Sky Solutions mat is made of the brand’s proprietary foam, is .75 inches thick, and has rounded edges that don’t curl up and try to trip you. I run my vacuum across it to pick up dog hair and a Clorox wipe if I drop a bite of lunch, and though it generally stays in place when I step on and off it, I can move it around with just one foot and don’t have to bend over. I have the anti-fatigue mat in black, but it’s available in as many as five solid colors and four patterns, depending on which size you buy.

20 by 32 inches is the smallest size available, and considering that it was the only “home office” purchase I needed to make, its list price of $45 was reasonable. But that’s not what you have to pay: Thanks to a sale on Amazon right now and a limited-time code that’s exclusive to T+L readers — just enter 20SKYTRVL at checkout — you can buy the anti-fatigue mat for $31. The other sizes are 20 by 39 inches and 24 by 70 inches, and they have the same thickness. If you buy a two-pack of the 39-inch size and apply the code, it works out to just $26 per mat.

Amazon shoppers discovered this mat long before my colleague did. In fact, it’s one of the best-selling kitchen rug on Amazon right now, and among the 100 best-selling kitchen and dining products, too. Nearly 200 five-stars reviews attest that the mat is “cloud-like,” “a firm cloud,” and “a cloud palace” (among other cloudy descriptors), and more than 16,000 people have left a five-star rating.

“Two years later, and I’m still standing on it at my desk for eight hours a day,” said a customer who might just be me from the future. “Everyone who comes to see me asks to ‘have a stand.'”

Scroll down to shop the Sky Solutions anti-fatigue mat at Amazon in all sizes before the T+L discount code 20SKYTRVL expires on March 19.

To buy: amazon.com, $32 with code 20SKYTRVL (originally $48)

To buy: amazon.com, $72 with code 20SKYTRVL (originally $100)

To buy: amazon.com, $52 for two with code 20SKYTRVL (originally $65)

To buy: amazon.com, $31 with code 20SKYTRVL (originally $45)

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